Synthesis Ligand FeS4 (C60) 4 Buckminsterfullerene on human cornea (part-1)

In winter 2014
We  synthesize  a layer fluorescent Ligand Buckminsterfullerene molecule, C60

 FeS4 (C60) 4   on the cornea

Self-assembly of nanoparticles with use local and general herbal medicine and chemical agent
This  Polymer nanoparticles capable of receiving electromagnetic waves at  rang wavelengths of gamma
The structure of the polymer particles is able to detect gamma waves
Polymer nanoparticles as same functionality PMT (photomultiplier tubes)
We used the
Phenyl group

Butylated hydroxytoluene

including camphor
natural gum.

important alkaloid contained

 beta-Pinene / alpha-Pinene/p-cymene

Mineral Element


Titanium dioxide 


Saccharomyces cerevisiae

 Function of  Ligand  FeS4 (C60) 4 on  human cornea

Iron atoms bond making a chain with together
  Each iron atom is connected to four atom sulfur and sulfur agent is
 attached to a fullerene Buckminster (ch60)

Four iron atoms bound to sulfur have   counterclockwise rotation   

 each fullerene  is spin  opposite direction front side fullerene 
end part1

(محفظه ابر) اتاقک ابر(اتاقک ویلسون) برای رویت ذرات الفا بتا و اشعه کیهانی/Cloud Wilson chamber


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