Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the respiratory system, digestive system and on the skin in humans

The results of observations on the occurrence of S. cerevisiae in the respiratory and digestive systems and on the skin in hospitalised individuals, mostly belonging to so-called risk groups of fungal infections, conducted over a period of five years (1999-2004), are described and discussed.
 The participation of S. cerevisiae in the mycocoenoses studied was 11.04% of all the recorded fungi.
 A significant increase in its prevalence, especially on the skin, was noticed. The fungus was mostly isolated with fungi of the genera Candida and Trichosporon, as well as separately in the last two years of the study.

(محفظه ابر) اتاقک ابر(اتاقک ویلسون) برای رویت ذرات الفا بتا و اشعه کیهانی/Cloud Wilson chamber

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