Mushrooms/Alkaloid Extraction/Simple Psilocybin & Psilocin Extraction

Mushrooms/Alkaloid Extraction

Simple Psilocybin & Psilocin Extraction

Evles indicated using 28 grams dried mixed cubensis chopped and placed into jar.
Began by soaking in pure grain (everclear) 190 proof alcohol. Finely chopped mushrooms in jar.
Then the jar sat in warm water bath for 7 hours. This was done by placing a rag in the bottom of a pan and filling it up with some water.
Placing the jar of soaking fungi on the rag in the water and bringing the heat up slowly.
  • NOTE: Alcohol boils at a lower temp. than water. Watch it closely. you don't want the alcohol to boil!
Straining and squeezing the fungal matter 3 times. Saving the broth each time. Filtering many times while hot. Through coffee filters. The combined strainings were then added back to the heat bath and brought up to almost a boil. Finally reduced a bit then began evaping.  The elves told me they wanted to pour off the darker pure grain and wash the crystals in some fresh everclear while they are frozen. Put into final resting place and add just enough fresh everclear to keep the crystals covered to store in the freezer. The elves said that was a dime in the background and that they harvested approximately 4 times that amount from the 28 grams of fungus. They (elves) impress me so.  For matters pressing the elves induced me into what they described as a 30mg vaporized crystal experience. It came on about 1 minute 30 seconds into the induction. The initial rush was more profound than vaporized DMT experiences but not as intense as 5meodmt vaporized. The visual aspect was that of DMT and maybe even a bit more, hard to say, there was much going on. Auditory and physical symptoms persisted throughout the 20 minute peaking experience. The come down was much like the downside of oral administration or fungi. After effects persisted for about 30 - 40 minutes after peak. All in all the elves have stumbled upon something wonderful and overall overwhleming. Cheers.

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