for avid shroom lovers out there im shure most of you have heard of this but its so damn simple i figure it would be a type of harm reduction if you were not eating mushrooms that might have mold/feces/insects on or in them, plus this makes use of stems too


1. materials: 2 glass mason jars, everclear or at least 151 proof ETOH(alcohol), 3 coffee filters, funnel of cut the top of a water bottle in the middle using the to without the cap as the funnel, a fan,/or desecant packs, and a standard issue coffee grinder or labor intensive cutting, and the mental ability to at least make a cup of coffee.
2. go on your shroom mission gathering in this case mushrooms that contain 4-ho-dmt in the south psilocybe cubensis , collecting as much as possible and clean them and de-gill tthem.or if you are a cultivator harvest when ready.
3. air dry the caps and stems, cutting them into quartars, if using a fan put in a box an blast them with room temp air( the object is to dry them fast enough to were they wont turn black and mushy) this will take hours, when i did this as a teen i would return to my room with caps and peices flying around the room, signaling that most of the h2o was gone cut and inspect to make shure.
!!!!NOTE: water is the enemy in this tek so moisture and low proof alcohol are not going to work!!!!!!
4. palce dried materials into coffee grinder and grind/ but not to a fine powder. do this till you have all of it grinded.
5. place powder into a mason jar and add enough everclear to have a quarter inch above the material. place a lid on and shake for 5-10 min. resting as needed, and repeat twice.
6. at this point let the jar alone to settle, what you will begin to see is a white cloudy looking layer at the , these are your 4-ho-dmt crystals.... this will continue to become more dense. after 1hr, if impatient, manually or scoop out shroom mush and either repeat to pull more alkaloids or discard its up to you( i would re-peat).
7. next take your un-used mason jar place funnel on top and a coffee filter in it, wet the coffee filter with everclear. and gently pour the contents of the 1st jar through the filter,
8 @ this point your coffee filter should have a decent amount of 4-ho-dmt crystals in it, you may choose to take the crystals as is or do another alcohol wash to clean them up( everclear still has a small amount of water so a small amount will be lost. (you can always evap)
9. dump final product in a glass amber eyedropper/ medicine bottle and keep submerged in everclear to avoid the tryptamine degrading
and retrieve from storage vessel when needed, and a 5 min drying or less is all thats needed.

**this works because 4-ho-dmt is not soluable in ethanol/ but very soluable in water, this tek is misssing some of the fine details that make for a excellant product, im sorry i've had a long bad day but this is the gist feel free to add or comment. .............I thought its cool to be able to weigh out the exact ammount of product you want, BUT DONT FORGET THER ARE A FEW OTHER PSYCHOACTIVE TRYPAMINES IN CUBENSIS THAT MAKE THE EXPIRIENCE, THAT MAY ALSO BE ECTRACTED, and the 4-ho-dmt extracted will be in freebase form,( wich will be vape-able ). if you add hydrochoric acid it should yeild 4-ho-dmt hcl, adding dpt to psilocybin mycleum(spell check) or any other tryptamine with cause the mycleum to produce 4-ho-dpt/dipt/mipt/det, or the corresponding tryptamine, i find this fascinating, and add trypyophan can boost natural tryptamnes in the final fruits............. love mushrooms